Candidates for Legislative Assembly and Local Government elections can find information here on the requirements for nominating. Nomination and election processes and candidate forms and handbooks which apply to candidates at these elections.

A summary of the requirements for campaigning is provided in this section. The summary includes information regarding the authorization of campaign material and electoral matter and the responsibilities of electronic broadcasters, newspapers, candidates and registered political parties and associated entities.

Information relating to registration of political parties, forms and handbooks and the register for political parties in the Northern Territory are available from this website.

The financial disclosure section provides information and the necessary forms and handbooks for Legislative Assembly candidates, registered political parties and their associated entities, certain donors and broadcasters and publishers regarding their obligation to disclose political contributions and electoral expenditure to the NTEC.

Where no donations have been received by a Legislative Assembly candidate, a return MUST still be lodged to confirm the fact. See financial disclosure requirements.

There is no requirement for financial disclosure at Council elections.