The NTEC also provides education sessions for school groups visiting Parliament House for a school tour. The sessions are coordinated by Parliamentary Education Services, a unit of the Department of the Legislative Assembly. This program links NTEC electoral education with a learning experience which focuses on Parliament and how it functions in a democracy.

To book an electoral education presentation to coincide with an excursion to Parliament House please call Parliamentary Education Services on 8946 1414 or email

The NTEC is also involved with the ‘Step Up, Be Heard’ program run by Parliamentary Education Services. This program is aimed at Year 11 and 12 legal and political studies students and provides a hands-on learning experience about elections and parliament.

Step Up - focuses on becoming a political candidate, forming political parties, developing policies and running an election campaign. The NTEC then guides students through a mock election to show how votes are counted and preferences distributed.

Be Heard - focuses on parliamentary features, processes and procedures. Students form a parliament with a government, opposition and independents. The government develops a bill and all students write and present a speech as part of a mock parliamentary debate conducted in the Chamber of Parliament House.

Another joint program entitled ‘Democracy at Work’ has been established between the NTEC, Parliamentary Education Services and the Supreme Court. This program, for new citizens and adult migrants, promotes an understanding of the Northern Territory electoral, parliamentary and justice systems.

For further information about Step Up, Be Heard and Democracy at Work please call Parliamentary Education Services on 8946 1414 or email