The NTEC provides interactive education presentations focusing on the democratic process of voting to raise awareness of the mechanics of an election and to relate democracy to every-day life and issues.

Electoral education presentations provide relevance across the curriculum, particularly for civics and citizenship and political studies. The presentations are well structured engaging, promoting an inquiry approach to learning and provides background knowledge to enable teachers to confidently lead students in electoral education.

Presentation topics include the three levels of government, enrolment, the electoral roll, voting systems, voting obligations, and marking a ballot paper correctly. Students are involved in a mock election role play, including standing as a candidate, vote counting and the scrutiny to demonstrate how a preferential voting system works.
Education sessions are held on site at our offices in Darwin or Alice Springs or an electoral officer can visit your school or community on request. The facilities in Darwin and Alice Springs ‘MyVote Central’ can accommodate 30 (or more) people and is supported by state of the art video conference equipment.

To make a booking: Contact the Northern Territory Electoral Commission in Darwin on 8999 7633 or Alice Springs on 8951 5973.

NOTE: At certain times, such as in the weeks prior to an election, staff may not be able to visit a school or community group but can still provide advice and resource materials.

The NTEC also provides education sessions for school groups visiting Parliament House for a school tour run by Parliamentary Education Services as a unit of the Department of the Legislative Assembly.