The 2017 Council elections will be held on Saturday 26 August.

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Voters who are unable to get to an early voting centre or an election day voting centre may apply for a postal vote online. NB: Applications cannot be received by the NTEC until Monday 29 May 2017.

When will my ballot papers be sent to me?

The public declaration of nominations and draw to determine the order of candidate names on the ballot paper is conducted on Friday 04 August. Ballot papers are then printed and ballot material is forwarded as soon as possible.

What is the latest despatch of ballot material?

The mail out of ballot material ceases at 6:00 pm on:

  • Tuesday 22 August, to forwarding addresses outside Australia

  • Thursday 24 August, to forwarding addresses within Australia.

When do I complete my ballot paper/s?

In order to be admitted to the count, a postal vote must be completed before 6:00 pm on Saturday 26 August and received by the Commission before 12:00 noon on Friday 01 September 2017.

NB: Registered postal voters are automatically sent ballot papers and are not required to lodge a new application. 


PDF file 2017 Council election timetable