Notice inviting nominations
​At least 43 days before election day
​Close of electoral roll
​32 days before election day
​Close of nominations
​23 days before election day (12:00 noon)
​Election day
On the 4th Saturday in August in the 4th year after the most recent previous periodic general election was held

Close of electoral roll

Any person eligible to vote must enrol or change their address details before the date of roll close set out in the election timetable.

Candidates and nominations

Any person wanting to become a candidate for a Local Government election must lodge a correctly completed nomination form after the date of the notice inviting nominations and before the close of nominations.

The declaration of nominations takes place soon after nominations close. If more candidates are nominated than there are vacancies, the draw for positions on ballot papers then takes place.

Each candidates photograph will appear next to their name on the ballot paper.

Early voting

Voters who are unable to vote on election day, may be eligible to vote at an early voting centre. The locations and opening times of early voting centres will be listed on this website at the time of each election.

Early voting commences as soon as possible after ballot papers are available and operates during normal office hours except on the Friday before election day when it finishes at a time determined by the Commissioner.

Postal Voting

Mailing of postal ballot material commences as soon as possible after ballot papers are printed, which follows the draw for positions on ballot papers.

The mail out of ballot material ceases at 6:00 pm:

  •  4 days before election day to overseas addresses, and
  •  2 days before election day to addresses within Australia.

Mobile voting

Mobile voting takes place in the two weeks before election day and can take place on election day.


Vote counting

A preliminary count of ordinary 1st preference votes in voting centres takes place as soon as the voting centre closes on election day. A preliminary scrutiny and primary count of postal and early votes also commences immediately after 6:00 pm on election day.

All ballot papers are rechecked in the week after election day, further counts of absent, declaration and postal votes are added to the count.

Postal votes must be received by 6:00 pm on the 6th day after election day and a final count of postal votes takes place shortly after that time.

The determination of the quota and distribution of any preferences takes place after the final count of postal votes.

Declaration of the poll

The results of the election are declared as soon as possible after the the determination of quota and completion of the distribution of preferences.

Election timetable

Local Government General Elections - Legislative Timetable
Legislative Reference Time Election Program
​LGER r6 ​At least 43 days before election day Notice inviting nominations
LGER r11​ ​32nd day before election day 5:00 pm​ CLOSE OF ELECTORAL ROLL
LGER rs 3, 8​ ​23rd day before election day ​12:00 noon CLOSE OF NOMINATIONS
​Should more than the applicable number of nominations be received, an election will be required and the following election timetable will apply 
​LGER r10 ​Appropriate time, 3:00 pm day following nomination day OR no earlier than 12:00 noon on nomination day, not later than 6:00 pm 3rd day after nomination day ​Declaration of nominations
Draw for position on ballot papers
​LGER r27(2) ​After the order of candidate names on the ballot paper is determined or an application received As soon as practicable​ ​Postal vote mail-out commences
​LGER r3 ​Fixed by the returning officer ​Early voting commences
​LGER r3 ​Fixed by the returning officer   ​Mobile voting commences
​LGER r27(3)(b) ​4th day before election day ​6:00 pm ​Overseas postal voting dispatches cease
​LGER r27(3)(b) ​2nd day before election day 6:00 pm​ ​All postal voting dispatches cease
​LGER r3 ​The day before election day ​No later than 6:00 pm ​ Early voting ceases
​LGA ss84(2), 85
LGER rs 3, 37
Day fixed under Act for an election. Voting hours between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm ELECTION DAY
​LGER rs 3, 37 Ending on election day​ No later than 6:00 pm​ Mobile voting ceases​
​LGER rs 46, 51 ​6th day after election day ​ 12:00 noon ​Deadline for receipt of postal votes
​LGER r52 ​As soon as practicable after the close of voting
​Final counts of postal votes commence
Distribution of preferences
LGER r56 ​As soon as practicable after the results of an election have been determined Declaration of results of poll​
LGA s91​ ​To be filed within 21 days after the conclusion of the election Application disputing an election​