Parliamentary elections for the Legislative Assembly


The key stages in a Legislative Assembly election timetable from the issue of the Writ are:

  • Close the electoral roll and prepare the lists of electors eligible to vote at the election
  • Call for nominations from candidates and declare the nominations received
  • Print  and distribute ballot papers and public notices
  • Organise early voting, postal and mobile voting, ordinary voting in voting centres, declaration voting including
    un-enrolled and absent voting
  • Conduct a scrutiny of all ballot papers lodged by the cut-off date for postal votes
  • Determine and declare the result
  • Return the Writ and undertake post-election tasks including the investigation of non-voters.

Council elections for Local Government




Fee for service

The Electoral Act allows the NTEC to undertake fee-for-service elections on request from person and organizations e.g. industrial ballots and elections for community organisations.

Federal elections and assisting other electoral authorities