Northern Territory referendums

The Northern Territory Legislative Assembly passed referendum legislation in 1998:

This legislation allows for the conduct of a referendum only for or in relation to a matter specified under section 35 of the Northern Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978 of the Commonwealth, which refers to ‘the matters in respect of which the Ministers of the Territory are to have executive authority’.

Commonwealth constitutional referendum

Electors in the NT have only had the right to vote in constitutional referendums since an amendment to the Constitution was passed in 1977.

Advisory referendum – Indicative referendum – Plebiscite – Poll

A direct vote of the electorate in regard to an important public question, an advisory referendum, plebiscite, indicative referendum or a poll, does not aim to change a law. The Government is not bound by the ‘result’ of these forms of referendum. Federal, State and Territory governments have held these types of referendums on various issues.

Citizens initiated referendum

Citizens can propose a referendum as a form of direct democracy. Legislation for citizens initiated referendums has not been adopted by any Australian government.