A number of special enrolment provisions apply in the Northern Territory.
  • Registered Postal Voter (RPV) enrolment
  • 16 year old provisional enrolment
  • Silent enrolment
  • Persons with no fixed address
  • Antarctic enrolment
  • Physical incapacity enrolment
  • Prisoner enrolment
  • Overseas enrolment
  • Norfolk Island enrolment
  • Note: Electors claiming special category status must complete and return the appropriate form. However, applicants for provisional enrolment and British subjects who were on an Australian electoral roll on 25 January 1984 may complete a standard enrolment form.

    Registered Postal Voter enrolment

    If you apply to be a  Registered Postal Voter (RPV) you are automatically sent ballot papers to your postal delivery address at every Commonwealth, Legislative Assembly and council election.
    During an election, registered postal voters will receive a postal voting pack containing postal voting directions which explain what you need to do.

    You can apply to be a Registered Postal Voter if you satisfy one of the following criteria:

    • live more than 20 kilometres from a polling place, including a place where mobile polling will be conducted
    • are a patient at a hospital or nursing home where polling will not take place
    • are not in hospital but, due to serious illness or infirmity, are unable to travel from your home to a polling place
    • cannot travel to a polling place because you are caring for a person who is seriously ill or infirm
    • are registered as a silent elector
    • are an elector whose religious beliefs, or membership of a religious order, prevent you from attending a polling place for all or most of the hours of polling
    • are registered as an overseas elector
    • are a member of the defence forces, or a defence civilian who is serving outside Australia
    • are unable to sign your name due to physical incapacity
    • are serving a prison sentence of less than 3 years, are on remand or in periodic detention.
    If you are a registered postal voter and have changed your enrolled address or your postal delivery address, you need to complete new enrolment and registered postal voter forms.
    Note: A postal vote application (PVA) can be made at the time of an election if you are temporarily away from your normal address e.g. if you are on holiday and will not be near a polling place for that election. A postal vote application is only valid for the election at which you apply. For a Northern Territory election a PVA can be made up to 3 months before an election is held. A PVA remains in force for 3 months from the date of application and must be made in the prescribed form. Completed applications can be posted, faxed, delivered to one of the offices of the NTEC or scanned and emailed to ntec@nt.gov.au if there are difficulties meeting the deadline.

16 year old provisional enrolment

If you are provisionally enrolled and turn 18 before or on a polling day, you can vote even though you may not have been 18 when the rolls for the election closed.

Silent enrolment

If you believe that having your address shown on the roll would place you or your family at risk, you may apply to the AEC for silent enrolment. If granted, you will also be given the same status for Northern Territory and council elections and your address will not appear on the roll. You will also need to complete an electoral enrolment form, if you are not already enrolled at your current residential address, and submit it with the silent enrolment application.
Silent elector status is not granted automatically. Your circumstances as set out in your application must meet the conditions for silent elector status. Phone the Australian Electoral Commission 13 23 26 for further information.

Persons with no fixed address

If you meet age and citizenship criteria for enrolment but do not have a permanent address, you can apply for person with no fixed address enrolment. As a person with no fixed address, you must apply for enrolment at the last address at which you were enrolled or, if this does not apply, in accordance with the categories shown on the form.

Antarctic enrolment

If you are working or expecting to work in Antarctica you can ask to be registered as an Antarctic elector.

Physical incapacity enrolment

You can apply for registration as a physically incapacitated elector if you cannot sign an enrolment form because of incapacity. The application:
  • can be completed and signed by another person and
  • must be accompanied by a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner stating that you cannot sign your enrolment form due to your physical incapacity.

Prisoner enrolment

If you are serving a sentence of less than 3 years, you can stay enrolled for the division where you are currently enrolled. If you were not enrolled at the time you began your sentence, you must enrol for the address where you were last enrolled or entitled to be enrolled or, if this does not apply, in accordance with the categories shown on the form.

Overseas enrolment

If you are overseas and intending to return to Australia within 6 years, you may apply for registration as an overseas elector. You can apply within 3 months before your expected departure date and up to 3 years after your departure date. Registration is valid for 6 years from your departure.

Norfolk Island enrolment

If you are a resident of Norfolk Island and satisfy the enrolment criteria, you may enrol for a division within the Northern Territory, dependent upon where you were last enrolled or entitled to be enrolled or, if this does not apply, in accordance with the categories shown on the form.