Affiliation with​ Electoral Council of Australia and New Zealand (ECANZ)

​The Electoral Council of Australia and New Zealand (ECANZ) is a consultative council of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Electoral Commissioners and other senior electoral officials from the Commonwealth.  The NT Electoral Commissioner is a member of the ECANZ and attends and presents at their meetings. Issues discussed include enrolment programs, roll integrity and other electoral management development issues.

Affiliation with inter-jurisdic​tion elections

The Electoral Commissioner attends forums of association of State and Territory Electoral Commissioners (STEC).  Its members generally meet prior to ECANZ meetings to discuss State and Territory specific agendas, the progress of cooperative activities and research projects at the State/Territory level. Meetings are usually hosted by Commissions at a time to coincide with State/Territory general elections.

The Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) offices in Alice Springs and Darwin provide voting services on request for interstate and New Zealand electors while visiting the Northern Territory. This service is reciprocated and allows Territorians to vote if they are outside the Territory during a NT parliamentary election.

Affiliation with the Ele​ctoral Education Network

The NTEC is a member of the Electoral Education Network, a national community of electoral education practitioners. This network provides members with an opportunity to critically reflect on their programs, share successes and challenges and explore recurring and emerging concepts in the area of electoral education.

This forum provides the NTEC with a national perspective on electoral education and allows for the exchange of materials and information.

Partnership with the Australian Electoral ​Commission (AEC)

Section 14 of the Northern Territory (Self Government) Act 1978 provides for the Northern Territory electoral roll to be managed in accordance with the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. The electoral roll is maintained by the AEC and provided to the NTEC on request and at election time in accordance with the 1994 Joint Roll Arrangement (JRA) between the Administrator and the Governor General.  A separate Memorandum of Understanding between the NTEC and the AEC’s NT office covers the operating framework for the joint electoral office in Alice Springs - 'MyVote Central'.

The JRA provides for a single enrolment form for Territory and Commonwealth purposes. The AEC is responsible for processing enrolments, the review of the electoral roll and the removal from the roll by objection of those electors who have left their enrolled address.  Enrolment stimulation and roll review activities are undertaken by both agencies in accordance with provisions of the JRA.  Enrolment forms approved for use by NT electors also incorporate reference to local government elections, relevant since the incorporation of the greater part of the Territory under local government authorities since mid-2008.

In accordance with the JRA, roll data is extracted from the AEC roll management system to meet a range of NTEC requirements during the year.

These extracts include:
  • electoral rolls for Legislative Assembly and local government by-elections
  • jury rolls
  • monthly updates of roll changes supplied to members of the Legislative Assembly and registered political parties
  • the supply of roll data to approved entities for health screening programs
  • data extracts for redistribution committees and council representation reviews.

A close working relationship is required with the Northern Territory office of the AEC in order to effect productive enrolment and public awareness activities in the Territory. Senior officers of both Commissions meet regularly to plan and report on electoral program delivery.

The NTEC and AEC NT office provide a high level of support to each other for enrolment, public awareness and election operations during Territory and federal elections, both in terms of staff resources and the use of facilities.

Under a joint arrangement between the NTEC and AEC, the electoral office in Alice Springs, ‘MyVote Central’ is the only joint Commonwealth and State/Territory electoral office in Australia. This partnership enables a broader range of electoral services to be provided to Central Australia. The office also acts as a service hub for remote communities in the area and voting facilities for interstate jurisdictions at their various elections.

Partnership with Parliamentary Education Services (PES)

The NTEC conducts electoral education in conjunction with PES for schools, community organisations and adult migrant groups. Learning about elections is provided in the context of a parliamentary democracy and how it operates.

PES have several programs that the NTEC is involved with. The most popular programs are school and university group tours of Parliament House, particularly during sitting periods, and parliamentary role plays that are conducted in classrooms.

​The NTEC is also involved with the ‘Step Up, Be Heard’ program run by Parliamentary Education Services. This program is aimed at Year 11 and 12 legal and political studies students and provides a hands-on learning experience about elections and parliament.

​Another joint program entitled ‘Democracy at Work’ has been established between the NTEC, Parliamentary Education Services and the Supreme Court. This program, designed for new citizens and adult migrants, promotes an understanding of the Northern Territory electoral, parliamentary and justice systems.