Election reports

The Electoral Commissioner provides Legislative Assembly election reports to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and reports to the Minister for Local Government on council elections. These election reports provide context to the event and record the arrangements and outcomes that eventuated. They may include a number of recommendations to enhance electoral legislation and legislative provisions.

NTEC submissions on electoral matters 

Part of the Commission’s functions are to advise on matters relating to elections and to consider, and report to the Minister (the Chief Minister for Legislative Assembly matters and the Minister for Local Government for council elections) on, matters relating to elections referred to it by the Minister. This may involve commissioning suitable external agents to produce reports or for NTEC staff to provide submissions to enquiries on electoral issues as they arise.

Disclosure Compliance

Redistribution reports

The Augmented Redistribution Committee publishes its decision and reasons for redistributing the Territory Legislative Assembly divisions in reports. The 2015 redistribution was gazetted on 16 September 2015 and the Augmented Redistribution Committee’s redistribution report is available from this website.