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City of Palmerston pursues non-voters
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July 02
City of Palmerston pursues non-voters

The Palmerston Council has agreed to pursue electors who did not vote in the 2018 City of Palmerston election held on Saturday 24 March.


A total of 6,251 electors enrolled in the City of Palmerston area who did not vote, will receive an apparent failure to vote infringement notice in the mail over the coming weeks.


“Once someone receives a letter they have until 3 August 2018 to pay the expiation fee of $50 or alternatively, they can provide a valid reason for why they did not vote,” NT Electoral Commissioner Iain Loganathan said.


“It is compulsory to vote in NT Council elections. The Northern Territory has a disappointing voter participation rate compared to the rest of Australia and it’s important that Territorians take part in the democratic process.” he said.


Recipients of a letter are urged to action it immediately by either contacting the NTEC with their reason for not voting or paying the expiation fee of $50. If the fee is not paid, the matter may be referred to court with a maximum penalty of $154 plus court costs. Payment options are available at