After the Redistribution Committee has published its proposed redistribution, an Augmented Redistribution Committee is established (Electoral Act​ sections 336 and 337).

The Augmented Committee consisted of the members of the Redistribution Committee plus an appointed member who acted as chair of the Augmented Committee.

After it had considered all the objections lodged, the Augmented Redistribution Committee determined the boundaries of Territory divisions. Its decision is final. The details of the redistribution were published in the Gazette on the 16th of September 2015.

The Augmented Redistribution Committee presented a report to the Minister on the 16th of September, including details of all suggestions, comments and objections, with maps showing the names and boundaries of all divisions (Electoral Act​.s148). The report was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on the 16th of September. After the report was tabled, it was made available for public inspection, free of charge at the Electoral Commission's offices and from this website.​​​​​​


2015 LA Final Boundaries - Report.pdf

2015 LA Final Boundaries - Maps.pdf

2015 LA FINALBoundaries - Segments.kml

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2015 LA Final Boundaries - Individual division maps